Portrait of Sally Stoneman

I am a Western Australian artist living in East Fremantle.

My art practice is multi disciplinary across sculpture, textiles and painting, and is concerned with evoking the Australian landscape and choosing materials that reflect upon the Australian culture. The themes of climate change and biodiversity extinctions of flora and fauna across the globe as also in Australia are constant influences.

My sculpture ‘Flame’ exhibited in 2019 in Cottesloe is now leased on Granite Island in South Australia as a part of their Sculpture Walk.

I received the W.A. Sculptor Schoarship at SXS, Cottesloe in 2018 for my recycled fencing wire sculpture ‘Seed’, which is now part of The City of Melville Art collection situated at Piney Lakes Sculptural Walk.

Kings Park Botanical Gardens recently commissioned me to create an Ephemeral Artwork for the 2017 Wildflower Festival. The work is called ‘Woven Wildernest’ and is situated in the heart of the gardens. It consists of a large (6m)nest with a wildflower egg (2×1.5m). The Artwork pays homage to the Kwongan region of Western Australia being a global biodiversity hotspot.

My sculptures ‘Rose of Jericho, Anastacia and Resurrection Bush’ were exhibited at Sculptures by the Sea in  Cottesloe, March and Bondi in October, 2017. My work titled ‘Tumbleweed’ was a further exploration of the theme of reflecting the landscape using fencing wire salvaged from the original rabbit proof fence. They evoke the natural forms of tumbleweed in the landscape and document the natural elements of our man made environment. Previously my sculptures at Sculpture by the Sea in 2016 and 2015 are similar in structure and form although explore different concerns.

My portrait of Lex Randolph was selected for the ‘Salon’ in 2016 in the Black Swan Portrait Prize. My portrait painting of John Cullinane titled “Portrait of an Artist” was selected as a finalist for the Black Swan Portrait Prize in October 2014 exhibited at Linton and Kay Gallery, St Georges Tce, Perth.

In 2015 I  exhibited in POD at Moores Building, Fremantle, W.A. It was an exhibition of 21 emerging and established Western Australian artists showing work concerned with the Fremantle port, including the export/ import industries and the wool trade. My work was a painting installation – paintings on wooden floorboards stacked together to create the impression of the colourful sea containers. This group exhibited at the Western Australian Maritime Museum later  in the year in an exhibition titled PORTALS in which I had a selection of paintings concerning the port.

In September 2014 my work titled “It’s a wrap” exploring sculptural/garment forms in knitted copper wire was exhibited in the Perth Fashion Festival signature exhibition at Gallery Central called Fahioning Forms: the craft of making, curated by Anne Farren.

I can be contacted at stonemansally.e@gmail.com

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  1. Hi Sally
    It’s a long time since we last spoke.
    Ana and i were at the Sculptures by the Sea today and were loving your offerings, not realising until now we’re home on the internet that they are yours.
    They are exquisite. Thank you!
    Elizabeth PO’.

  2. Hi Sally
    Love your work at the Kings Park Wildflower festival 🌸
    Just read your bio online – we live only a stones throw away – you are very talented & interesting!
    Are you in Instagram ?

  3. Hi Sally,
    I have just seen your sculpture by the sea in Cottlesloe and I am absolutely in love with it. So in love with the details, that I am using it in my assignment for my art unit. I really hope that I am able to capture the meaning of your sculpture well. Would you be able to share the key messages in your sculpture ‘seed’?

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